Skin and Paw Treatment

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How to make your own stay-put elastic dog sock harness.

We sell them for your convenience, but you can also make them yourself at home.

  • In most cases you can find socks that will fit your dog at any clothing or department store.
  • We generally use all-cotton baby socks for dogs under 10 pounds except for Chihuahuas and Miniature Pinschers. We special order really skinny ones for them so those sizes might be more difficult to find.
  • We use children's bobby socks for dogs over 10 pounds because they are longer than other socks.
  • Get a couple of yards of elastic from any fabric store. We use knitted elastic because it's the softest. 
  • We use 1/4" elastic for dogs under about 30 pounds and 3/8" for larger dogs.
  • Lay the socks on the floor facing forward and cut slits in the outside edges of each sock to tie the elastic through. 
  • If you have a dog with short legs, you can fold down the tops of the socks to fit and cut through both outside layers.
  • Cut a length of elastic to go between the front two socks and cut another piece to go between the back two.
  • Tie those to the socks with loose knots so you can adjust them later.
  • Cut a length of elastic to connect the front socks to the back socks. Tie loose knots to adjust later.
  • Put the socks on the dog and adjust the length and tension so they are comfortable.
  • Encourage your dog to walk around and experience the socks.
  • They may stand there and not move, they might high step or try to rub the socks off, or (in some cases) they might chew through them. Most dogs will tolerate socks. A small number, however, will absolutely refuse to wear them - ever.
  • Usually, they will get used to them within a few minutes if you get them a treat and play with them to distract them.

 dog socks to stop dogs licking paws

 socks for dogs to stop paw licking 

protect your dogs paws from licking and chewing with home-made sock harness

 dog licking paws - home-made dog sock harness


 Cut some soft elastic

 ...for the front and back

 Cut little holes in the sides...

 to tie the elastic through.


 paw licking - how to make dog socks that wont come off 

dogs chewing paws - how to make socks stay on your dog

  keep dogs from chewing paws with an elastic dog sock harness 

 make an elastic dog sock harness for mild lick granuloma 

Cut a piece for the center.

Loosly tie the elastic through the holes in the socks.

Loosly tie the middle section.

Put them on your dog and adjust to fit.

Here's a five-minute video about how to make your own elastic dog sock harness at home.

Here's a video on how to put on and adjust the harness on your dog.

Eddie the dog is not enthusiastic about the demonstration even though we told him we'd give him treats if he would cooperate.

Here are some videos that show our dog playing in his Stay-Put elastic sock harness and how to put Dermapaw and the sock harness on your dog. The sock harness works kind of like dog suspenders.


Dog paw licking and dog paw chewing are usually caused by contact allergies from grass. We've collected information from more than a thousand customers who use DermaPaw and virtually all of them say nearly the same thing. Almost all have been to the vet, just like us, and were given either steroids plus antibiotics or Atopica for the treatment of dog skin allergies. In every case, it helped for about a month, then the symptoms came back. All three treatments depress your dog's natural immune system, so they work in the short-term, but usually make the symptoms worse when they come back. Repeated use of steroids, antibiotics and Atopica by our customers on their dogs continued this downward spiral until their dogs had lost their hair, were constantly chewing their paws and their skin became dry, flaky, and began to bleed from their dog licking or chewing his paws.

We hear the same story as ours, over and over. Almost everyone we talk to has already tried changing foods, dog allergy shampoos, assorted dog allergy treatment products given to them by their vet or purchased at the store or on the web. We're a little site and a little company, but somehow we managed to formulate a dog skin treatment that seems to work better than anything our customers have tried, and most had tried everything else before they found us. We weren't sure DermaPaw would work on other dogs like it did for ours, but it has, and we're proud and happy to be able to help other dogs with stories like ours.

We want to thank our customers for all the information they've given us on dog paw licking, dog allergy treatment, and their own experiences. We had no idea people would be so nice in their letters, emails and on the phone. Like us, our customers want to help not just their own dog, but others, and their information has helped us do that. Thank you again for all your photos, letters, cards, emails and help in bringing some relief to dogs with skin allergies, paw sores and skin infections.
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