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Dermapawdog skin and paw treatment

Having exhausted every option, we began our own research. We read hundreds of pages of information and experimented on our dog and ourselves.

We systematically tried dozens of herbs, extracts, fatty acids, vitamins, oils, anything that might be promising.
Our dog was perfectly healthy for eight years, until one day he  began licking and chewing his feet. Soon he developed infected, bleeding sores on his paws and legs, which then spread to his lips, chest, ears and eyelids.

Numerous visits to three highly  experienced and dedicated vets; sometimes painful tests; and a variety of treatments, had little significant effect. He would chew his paws until they would weep and bleed.
We eventually formulated a dog skin treatment that relieved his itchy skin, healed his sores, and stopped his chewing and licking.

His hair even grew back.

Soothing relief for dog paw licking and dog skin allergies.

Along the way, we came up with an elastic sock harness to help give the skin time to heal.

  • Heals paw sores and skin infections.

  • Effective relief for itchy skin and paws.

  • Safe for use on all of your dog's skin, even around eyes, tummy and rectum.