Skin and Paw Treatment

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Soothing relief for dog skin allergies, dermatitis, sores, rash and infection.

Heals paw sores, skin infections, cracks and peeling skin.

Effective relief for itchy paws and skin.

Safe for use on all your dog's skin, even around eyes, lips and ear flaps.

Contains no steroids or antibiotics. 100% non-toxic.

    I want to compliment you on your product! I received my order of Dermapaw on Friday and after less than two days my dog has stopped licking his paws! He had previously licked all of the fur off of his paws. The vet said he was allergic to grass, but it is November in Illinois and he was STILL licking his paws! The medication the vet sold us has not helped at all, but with Dermapaw he is getting relief!! Thank you, thank you! ...Liz

    What a blessing!!! My wife, our dog Sacha and I thank you so very much for your product, Dermapaw. Like your history with your dog, we have had Sacha for seven years and for six years she has had this allergy problem with her toes, feet, legs and which she then scratches her sides and so on. Over the years we have been to the veterinarian countless times...went the injection route with a special concoction made from her blood test with injections every day for three months that didn't work. Changed her diet numerous times-used different medical salve solutions-countless oral medicines of which our last oral medicine was Atopica. This last week we started using your Dermapaw...within three days our dog stopped chewing at her toes, feet and legs. The raw area between her toes and on her legs has began to heal!!! She has finally been able to lay down and have long rests without her going into a frenzy. We put Dermapaw on her just before bedtime and for the 1st time in the last six years we all have a restful, full night of sleep. Thanks again for such a great product in Dermapaw.
    Amber the Corgi doesn't have itchy skin anymore

    Boomer from Walkin' the Dog Rescue

    Tyger the 181 pound Mastiff likes his socks on just the front legs

    ...and so does Tucker
    Bailey used to have allergic rashes like this
    ...but not anymore

    This is the second time I'm ordering this product from you. My dog Angie suffers from allergies. She is almost five years old, and for the last three years I’ve been giving her all kinds of medications including steroids prescribed by the vet. We spent a lot of money for all kinds of testing, medications and prescription food because of her allergies to corn, barley, pork and many other foods. Steroids helped the most, but seeing Angie sleeping all day and not being active, I don't think this is the right way of treating her. She was constantly chewing on her paws and itching her ears. After I saw DermaPaw I decided to try something different. WOW!!! What a difference! I can’t believe how good her paws look and she is now totally comfortable sleeping. I want to thank you so much for this product, and I will recommend it to everybody who has a dog with allergies. You saved my dog. Thank you so much.
    …Maria and Angie

    Just wanted to say thank you for your kindness and support in helping with our dog Bailey's "spots" as we call them! Bailey is a 3 yr old, 90 lb Goldendoodle who unfortunately suffers from both food and environmental allergies. He is constantly breaking out in hives all over his body and then licks himself raw from the itching. For the past 2 1/2 yrs we have tried many different medications, creams, sprays, lotions, shampoos, etc. with nothing working except for 2-3 week rounds of antibiotics, which we have had to do almost consistently over the last 2 yrs! But because we are having to resort to the antibiotics so often, we are becoming afraid of his resistance to them in case a major illness ever happens and then they would not work. We have used your product on his last 2 outbreaks and both times his "spots" cleared up. We did not have to use any antibiotics, which thrills us! (and I am sure him as well). You have been wonderful in answering my questions and concerns and I appreciate all you are doing for us. Thank you so much!

    Lucy and I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity. We received our order today for a jar of DermaPaw Skin and Paw Treatment. Alas, there was an additional jar in the order.I thought to myself, "Gee that was smart of me to order two jars because it works miracles!" And miracles are what Lucy needs as she constantly chews on her feet to the point that she cannot walk. If she goes one night without her treatment, the feet become infected and swollen. Well, turns out, I wasn't so smart as to order the extra jar. You added the jar with the notation on the receipt "add one addt'l free jar." You could have knocked me over with a feather! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love your product so much! I wrote a lengthy letter to Lucy's oncologist telling her of Lucy's status. As I told Dr. Valerius at the Care Center in Cincinnati, no matter if you are working towards a cure or are providing comfort measures only for a terminal pet, the goal is always to provide a life with some level of quality. DermaPaw has made the difference between life and death for Lucy. She could not have gone on without the relief DermaPaw provides. We are enjoying many happy days that are a true gift from you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    ...Very Sincerely yours, Linda

    Thank you so much! DermaPaw helped our cairn terrier, Nicky, with his itchy feet. After several trips to the vet and many different medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, DermaPaw was the only thing that helped relieve Nicky's itching. The hair on his front feet grew back pretty quickly after we started the DermaPaw and the hair on the rear feet has now completely returned. Thank you so much! We have told our friends and neighbors about your wonderful product! Thank you.
    ...Kelsey, Sharon and Nicky!

    Nicky's feet don't itch anymore and his hair grew back

    Jackson's interdigital cysts started to shrink the first night and he's able to walk with less pain

    Oscar is ready to play

    Augie Doggie getting his DermaPaw
    ...and a tummy rub

    That's brother Wiley Foxmulder watching from a safe distance


    We have used DermaPaw now for nearly a week and it seems to be doing the trick along with the sock harness. The redness on his paws is gone and the cracked skin parts are healing. I noticed yesterday that there is some fluffy hair growing back on the places that had none, I could not believe my eyes! Already..!! He loves getting his paws pampered. He actually falls asleep..!!! I don't know how we would have managed if I had not found your website. The sock harness along with the DermaPaw is the perfect combination and to think of the money I have spent on vet bills, it makes me want to cry...!!! He had licked the hair off his paws and was just starting to go up his legs, but I feel that we have managed to stop the problem before it gets any worse. We call it Oscar's Magic Cream and we are forever grateful to you guys for sharing all your information.
    Just wanted to thank you for this product. Misha, our 15 year old Eskimo Spitz, was suffering for 3 weeks with cracked and bleeding pads. His paws were infected and red, shedding black skin, and he licked them constantly. The pain was so bad, he was not able to go up and down the one step to go outside. After several trips to the vet, and two doses of antibiotics, steroids, pain pills, and even antiseptic powder, his pads were still bleeding. I had to keep baby booties on him at all times, even when he went outside. Nothing worked. He had blood tests and two biopsies, and everything was normal. I tried your DermaPaw skin treatment, and after two nights, the bleeding stopped, and the redness between his paws is gone. Misha is very arthritic, and I did not attempt to put the harness and socks on him, but just continued with the baby booties, even though they slipped off all the time. The other creams that I used did not work. I'm thankful for this product, and I'm sure in conjunction with the treatment from the Vet, Misha is now much better. He's up and walking on his own again without our help, and the booties are off.
    ...Arlene, Dan, and Misha
    I'd like to thank you for your wonderful product. I initially bought the dermapaw to stop Lady (12 yr old shih-tzu) from licking her front paws a few months ago. Two weeks ago Lady needed hip/knee surgery. Her skin was really red and sore where the bandage was torn off (some skin with it!) As soon as I took her home I cleansed her leg with cool water and put a thin layer of dermapaw with a single sock on. By the second day you couldn't tell there was any damage to her skin. The surgery was traumatic for everyone and having her skin heal as quickly as it did helped with her recovery! I recommend this product to anyone with a pet to keep on hand, just in case!! Thank you Dermapaw!! ...Lady's Mom

    Your product and sock harness is helping my dog's foot heal for the first time in 2 years and saved him from having to have it amputated. …Heather

    I am a doctor and have a dog with the same problems. Two vets wanted to give him prednisone. Instead, I tried a number of other things first and then found dermapaw, which worked in a matter of minutes. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to alternative medicine, but the dermapaw not only stopped my dog from chewing his paws, it cleared up his red, scaly skin and a slight secondary infection without using antibiotics. I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. He acts like he actually likes wearing it. ...Reed

    Maggie from Florida Dachshund Rescue
    Sammy, the little general
    Shoney, who can sense seizures before they happen


    Dog paw licking, dog paw chewing, dog skin allergies and other dog skin conditions can be frustrating, and heartbreaking.  The causes of dog dermatitis can be difficult to diagnose and treat, and despite multiple vet visits, tests and medications, it can seem that nothing works. There isn't always an obvious cause or simple treatment, and some medications either have dangerous side effects or work for a few weeks, but in the long run end up making the condition worse.

    Our dog was perfectly healthy for eight years until one day he began licking and chewing his feet. Soon, he developed infected, bleeding sores on his paws and legs, which then spread to his lips, chest, ears and eyelids. Numerous visits to three highly  experienced and dedicated vets; sometimes painful tests; and a variety treatments had little significant effect. He continued to deteriorate. Much of his body was covered in sores or had lost its hair, his skin was swollen, red and bleeding, and we felt powerless to help him. He would chew his paws with such frantic intensity they would weep and bleed.

    Having exhausted every option, we began our own research. We read hundreds of pages of information and experimented on our dog and ourselves. We systematically tried dozens of vitamins, herbs, extracts, anything that might be promising. We had two rules: it had to be edible and it had to have an obvious beneficial effect. After several disappointments he slowly began to respond. We eventually formulated a dog skin treatment that relieved his itchy skin and paws, healed his sores, and stopped his chewing and licking. Eventually, his hair even grew back. Along the way, we came up with an elastic sock harness to act like a bandage to give the skin time to heal and help break the cycle of paw licking and chewing, which spreads infection and keeps re-injuring damaged, inflamed and itchy skin. 

    This is our dog's story.
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